Most will be familiar with the story of how the Deadpool movie came about. Yes it took along time and we have been subjected to numerous reminders of how awesome things could be. Then on top of this the trailers have endlessly taunted us with the promise of a very comical movie.

So as the initial opening credits rolled we were left with no doubt that this would be a no holds barred Marvel creation like no other. Not afraid to take the piss out of himself, or the rest of the Marvel universe, Deadpool unleashes a 108 minute nonstop festival of horror, romance, action and above all humor.

If your wondering where Deadpool has come from, you will have seen him in X-Men Origins : Wolverine; if you had the misfortune of watching that barely adequate outing. He has also been part of the Marvel universe for ages. Originally cast as a super villian his style changed to one of an antihero as time has passed.

Ryan Reynolds takes the leading role as Deadpool along side his love interest played by Morena Baccarin. Reynolds has played this role before, something he alludes to comically during one of his many monologues. However this time the shackles have been removed and we are left with an unrestrained version.

Baccarin’s character Vanessa is also played well, able to keep pace with Deadpool’s whit and charm, while being able to pull off a believable romantic entanglement which forms the basis of Deadpool’s deepest challenge. And lets face it she is still able to absolutely shine on screen.

Other notable cast members such as T J Miller also provide additional comical bouncing points for Deadpool’s humor.

The action is intense, violent and well choreographed, again reinforcing Deadpool’s hilarious overtones. The movie paces well, and there are very few moments to pause. From the very beginning to literally the final credits there are touches of brilliance that will keep you laughing in the isles.

Deadpool is the movie Marvel so desperately needed to punch up its line up; and it really does have a swing at the line up.

Romantic, Violent, Rude and Hilarious, Deadpool is for the adult child in all of us. I give this 5 stars because it delivered more than it promised.

Rating: R16 Graphic violence, sex scenes and offensive language.



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