Control is a narrative-driven supernatural adventure set in the shadowy world of the Federal Bureau of Control, of which you are the new director. Arriving on your first day at work, it looks like you are the only one who bothered to turn up, with the foyer being vacant, you soon realise however that the place is in lockdown – aka you can’t leave!

Exploring aso you wander the deserted offices you soon discover the former director, dead in his office from an apparent suicide. His gun possess infinite ammo – they type that recharges after a cooling down period, and once you have a weapon you’ll soon discover you are not alone.

You’ll also meet the janitor who thinks you work for him. From floating bodies to possessed minions who attack you with anything from guns to rockets, you soon realise that the place isn’t deserted, rather an evil force has taken control of your former employees.

Searching for clues and finding upgrades to your powers – yes not only are you immune to the evil forces possessive powers, but you also have supernatural powers of your own just waiting to be unlocked.

Managing these powers is the core of control, as you’ll have to assign them carefully to make your way through the story.

Control works well as a game, but in reality, is a story-driven experience that seems to be able to keep you teetering on edge no matter if you’re just wandering around at the start of the game or in the middle of a battle with multiple minions.

Rating: R13 Restricted to persons 13 years and over. NOTE: Violence, horror scenes & offensive language.




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