Civilization VI

I’ve never really played Civilization. Sure, there was that version on the XBox 360 that became a games with gold free game, but I only looked at it once and wrote it off as not really being suitable to the XBox game style. But Civilization VI came around the same time as I found my self having a half decent laptop so decided to jump in – because who doesn’t love a good strategy game – and give Civilization VI ago.

And I’m mighty glad I did.

The basic premise of the game is that you are the ruler of a civilization – hence the subtle name of the game – and you have to steer your civilization to success through careful exploration, building, research and diplomacy.

So being pretty much a Civilization virgin I’m not gonna tell you whats new, whats different and what you’re going to love or hate about the game. What I can and will say is that the game looks amazing, is fairly easy to figure out the basics, but has a sense of an enormous depth to the game that will only come from researching and playing the game. In short, be prepared to be sucked into a game that will take over your life.

Civilization VI is both immediately fun and challenging, starting off with the really simple choice of what units you want to make and which way to explore, right through to sending diplomats and religious leaders to neighboring cities.

Pretty soon you’ll be managing several cities, exploring across the ocean and fending off attacks from bandits.

And you’ll still onlyu be scratching the surface.

Civilization VI is the perfect match of addictive gameplay and challenging simulation that will have you hooked for hours on end, always wanting to push your explorers just that much further, and managing production vs defense, anticipating where the next attack will come from and choosing the best research path.

Rating: PG Parental guidance is recommended for younger viewers.



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