Chris McKay To Direct Adaptation of Mark Millar’s Reborn

LEGO Batman director Chris McKay is set to direct an adaptation of Mark Millar’s graphic novel, Reborn. The film is being produced for Netflix by Sandra Bullock, who may even star in the film, along with It producer, Vertigo Entertainment.

Reborn is a sci-fi fantasy comic series that tells the story of “an eighty-year-old woman, Bonnie Black, who dies in a Manhattan hospital only to find herself reborn in the prime of life in the afterlife world of Adystria, a magical land of monsters and dragons where good and evil are waging an eternal war. There, she finds old friends and loved ones waiting, except the husband who died before her. Armed with a sword and partnered with her late father, she sets off through the battle-torn landscape on a quest to find out where he is.”

I’m not familiar with this graphic novel, but I’m excited to see what Netflix will do with it.


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