BluRay Review: Independence Day: Resurgence

We had twenty years to prepare… so did they. And now they are coming back, and so are most of the actors, with the exception of Will Smith. But first a giant gravitational sucking orb is floating through space to attack us, but ha, we blow it up first. But oh no, it was a friendly ship that had come to help us. How could we make such a big mistake? Oh no, here comes the real bad aliens, oh my, there ships are bigger this time, lets try exactly the same plan to destroy them, oh no, it’s a trap!

Wait, I know what’s happening, this is just like Ender’s Game but better than the film and way worse than the book.

Yes, we had twenty years to prepare, but did we really need to revisit a film by recycling the same old jokes and the same old actors? Sure it has some nostalgic appeal, and it’s not as bad as the trailers made it look, and to be fair, it’s not a terrible way to spend an evening on the couch, but still, some films are best left as a one off.

Rating: M Science Fiction Themes & Violence.




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