Black Ops 2 'Revolution' Hits Xbox First

‘Revolution’ DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 could be coming to PS3 and PC a month after it arrives on Xbox 360, according to a Facebook post HMV, which said that the first DLC pack comes to Xbox on January 29 and then to PS3 and PC on February 28. These dates are backed by an Amazon UK listing which says the DLC is coming to Xbox on January 29, but doesn’t mention dates for PS3 or PC. Both listings say the DLC costs 1200 MSP, and is free to Season Pass holders.

A leaked promotional image first indicated the DLC, its January 29 release date, and the inclusion of five new maps. The Amazon listing alsodetails the five maps as:

• Hydro: This large map allows you to use the dam and water to your advantage to block paths and stop enemies.

• Downhill: A medium-sized map based in the French Alps complete with snow, chair lifts, and a strategically placed lodge.

• Grind: Set within the locale of the Venice, California boardwalk, this small skate park map is sure to deliver fast and frenetic Call of Duty action.

• Mirage: This Gobi Desert multiplayer map utilises sand dunes to provide different levels of elevation and a sanctuary in the centre as a natural chokepoint.

• Zombies – Die Rise: The Zombie apocalypse has invaded China, turning downtown into a dilapidated and dangerous MC Escher painting.

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