And On The Seventh Day He Rested

On Sunday late afternoon we decided to fire up the Kinect again and try Kinect Sports. After much fun and hilarity, we decided to have a rest – it was still quite warm and we’d worked up quite a sweat playing ‘games’.A while later my wife decided to make some muffins for the kids school lunches this week. With the younger kids helping her, I was redundant so went to have a quiet sit down in the lounge. I didn’t stay sitting for long however as the Kinect was calling me. I still have several Kinect games that haven’t been tried out yet – but I didn’t dare touch those without giving the wife a chance to join in. I also had EA’s Sports Active 2. This is more of a serious Kinect title, and not one that would probably be fair to call a game.

I slid the disk into my Xbox and signed in with Kinect. I took out the heartbeat sensor, inserted the supplied batteries and set up my user. This process included the rather uncomfortable weighing of my self. No that the act of weighing is uncomfortable, just the number produced made me realise how much I needed a serious workout program. 

Next was a 5 minute test to give my heart rate a base to test against in the coming weeks so Sports Active 2 could asses just how fit I was becoming. This involved jumping up and down on the spot. Or at least that’s what I thought my personal trainer was doing. I was soon told in no uncertain terms that jumping on the spot wasn’t good enough. Jumping forwards and backwards was the order of the day, and there was no way to trick the Kinect. It sees everything.I was soon jumping at a good pace according to my trainer, but then I released barley a minute had passed in this five minute test. I had to slow it down. That didn’t impress my trainer – especially when i had to stop to catch my breath.Fortunately, part of the five minute test was the warm down period, a gentle walk (on the spot) saw me get through the first part of Sports Active alive. But now I was to face a proper workout. This was going to be interesting.Lady luck however had other plans, Sunday was a rest day and there was no more exercising for me. I could relax my weary legs and enjoy the reprieve. Though there was the nagging thought that the reprieve would be all to short as I had just signed up for a 9 week program with 4 workouts a week scheduled.

It’s going to be an interesting 9 weeks, especially as I have a number of other Kinect games that need to be put through the paces at the same time.

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