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Because it’s Daniel Criag, this Bond is more a straight action game that plays out quite well as a kind of faux merging of film and game – it’s a story driven game that is linear to the extreme.  Cut scenes move to the story along, but it’s essentially a two part game.  A third person cover and shoot game, and an adrenaline fueled chase game, that will see you chasing a high speed in boats and cars.

It’s the chase scenes that seem to be the real strength of Blood Stone, which isn’t surprising as the game was developed by Project Gotham Racing creators Bizarre Creations.

The downside to Blood Stone is that it is essentially a run of the mill cover and shoot game with a few signature moves added, and Daniel Criag’s likeness.

Not that this is a bad thing – it’s fun to play, has enough challenge to keep you going, and if you’re a Bond fan, it’s got a story that you’ll want to finish – especially as there won’t be any new Bond films for at least a couple of years.

The graphics are good, the handling works well, it’s just not a game that is going to blow your mind.

On a positive note, and I know I’ve already mentioned how good the chase aspects of the game are, but it is nice to be playing a game like this, where the driving aspects don’t feel like an after thought.

I’m hopeful that Bizarre get a crack at developing the bond franchise further, building on the solid base that they’ve created, because with a little more thought and polish, this has the possibility to be a fun series.

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